The CrowdVsCovid team produced Covid-19 crowdsourcing demos during the Versus Virus Hackathon. The team of citizens and scientists from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom tasked themselves to find a way to provide policymakers with information on a range of Covid-related issues. Quickly accessible and reliable data is essential for decision-makers to take policy decisions on a variety of political issues, such as the reopening of schools, policies on wearing masks and issues such as mental health.

By using data from a variety of conventional and unconventional sources such as scientific articles and preprints, ‘grey literature’ reports published by a range of organisations, social media on different platforms and information scraped from a variety of websites, a much larger amount of information can be accessed. However, the quantity of information involved is huge and growing rapidly, and the quality varies widely.

This challenge was addressed by the CrowdVsVirus project by combining both AI technology and crowdsourced human intelligence to allow for the filtering of relevant results and the extractions of the most essential information for decision making. This approach can also be used to address other issues unrelated to Covid which requires large amounts of data to be processed.

Demo for publications

Demo for tweet analysis