GEAR Cycle 3


For its third and final GEAR Cycle, Crowd4SDG called for projects with focus on Climate Action (SDG 13). Through the #Open17ClimateJustice ChallengeCrowd4SDG received more than 332 project proposals from 53 countries. via the Goodwall platform

The proposals were evaluated against four criteria: Novelty, Relevance, Impact, Feasibility, Crowdsourcing and Communication. Out of the 332 projects proposals, 12 teams were selected to go through to the next phase: Evaluate.


Out of the #O17Challenge 12 groups were selected to join the Evaluate phase. Below a list of the projects that participated in the Evaluate phase of the GEAR Cycle:

Bumi TeamCultivating connection through education, to break the cycle and safeguard the future of children from the climate crisis.
AquaTechA hand pump borehole monitoring solution!Y
The Vibrant Network of Climate EnthusiastsTo develop a vibrant network of climate enthusiasts and a community adaptation tool to enable women and youth participation in climate action, policy making and governance.Y
Learning for futureA initiative to educate and encourage young people to take action on climate change.Y
Food For AllWe believe that the solution to many food crises in the world lays the solution somewhere in the world our project was knowledge sharing for food and agricultural sustainability and also expand the uses and the practices of sustainable agricultural practices.Y
Share & ChangeAn application connecting people from all over the world that gives a chance to marginalized communities to find the help needed to work on projects that will help them face newer and more serious climate challengesY
Dr. WorldStrengthening the strategy to manage the adverse impacts of floods on the disabled rural community, through data exchange by interconnecting the disabled and authorities through one platform.Y
Haughty LeadersA movement of developing virtual/extended reality, educational games to increase people's preparedness against flood and citizen science. (Get people more interested base on awareness)Y
IndigenousBoosting indigenous people's resilience to effects of climate change. Y
Let's Clean Up!Waste management in cities with social, political and territorial heterogeneity, by involving all stakeholders with an app.Y
LocalifyLet's consume local products.Y

Accelerate Phase

After a jury evaluation, five teams were selected to continue in the Accelerate Phase – an online challenge-based innovation workshop, co-organised by  IdeaSquare at CERN, where the teams were able to prototype their projects. Find out more about the 5 projects below:

Let's Clean Up

Let’s Clean Up wants to achieve a cleaner, healthier environment, by optimising waste management and reducing waste abandoned on the ground.


AquaTech wants to mitigate water scarcity in borehole dependent communities through monitoring solutions that support access to real time data on hand pump borehole failures.

Share and Change

Share and Change aims to mitigate flood by making drainage and covering them up with grids and also adding more drainages to existing ones.

Dr. World

Dr. World aims to improve the rescue strategy to save disabled individuals
during floods by providing them with a means of accessing immediate help and by enabling responders to quickly locate and rescue them.


Localify aims to provide users with information about the carbon footprint of products purchased online. It aims to raise impact of the environmental impact of consumer choices and encourage sustainable behaviours. 

Refine Phase

The two finalist teams, AquaTech and Let’s Clean Up,  will present their work during the Crowd4SDG Final Conference, celebrating the achievements of Crowd4SDG across all three years on 17 March. The two finalist teams will also present their work during the Geneva Trialogue on 16 March, a one-day event gathering academic, private sector and multilateral stakeholders to discuss knowledge and learning tools, platforms and initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Have a look on their final pitches: