GEAR Cycle 2


For its second GEAR Cycle, Crowd4SDG called for projects with focus on Climate Action (SDG 13) and Gender Equality (SDG 5). Through the #Open17ClimateGender Challenge, Crowd4SDG received more than 150 projects proposals via the Goodwall platform

The proposals were evaluated against four criteria: Novelty, Relevance, Feasibility and Crowdsourcing. Out of the 150 projects proposals, 14 teams were selected to go through to the next phase: Evaluate.


The 14 teams whose projects were selected had the chance to participate in the #Open17Challenge, an intensive 5-week online interactive coaching programme during which the teams are mentored by experts from the UN, and top European Research Labs, to enhance their pitching skills, fine tune their projects, especially in relation to the theory of change, and to learn how to use the relevant crowdsourcing tools for data collection, data classification, decision-making and social media analysis.

Team NameProject DescriptionPage Summary
T1: SDesiGn (Old name: Rhythm of Bamboos)We believe in solving problems with creativity and we are pitching to build a crowdsourcing platform for architecture & products designs that prioritises environment protection and gender equality. Y
T2: Flood RangersCreating a mobile app where data on effects of flood on both men/women can be reported and stored.N/A
T3: TEAM FOILEDWe want to create an app that will help to gather data about places affected by floods in an accurate way.Y
T5: WOMERMakes easy to collect, analyze, and visualize data on women and climate changeY
T6: Women & Technology Against Climate ChangeWomen and technology can really make the difference in the fight against climate changeY
T7: UpGet app - CitiCERN ProjectDigital wallet to get eco-friendly rewardsY
T8: Climate Gender JusticeClimate change impacts on women's and girls Sexual and Reproductive Health and RightsY
T9: DonateWaterOur project is aimed at providing potable water all year round for target rural communities in Nigeria faced with the challenge of accessing potable water.Y
T10: Water WarriorsAn app to help people go through emergencies and to hear females' voiceY
T11: Rights of ClimateWomen Land Rights reducing thier vulnerability to Climate change.Y
T12: Women 4 Sustainable WorldN/A
T13: Andapé InstituteWe are a group of young brazilian women focused on designing an ecological sidewalk from recycled materials and less cement, as well as using crowdsourcing to help research.Y
T14: Eco WinnersEcowinners is engineered to scaling the outputs and productivity of female farmers which contribute 70 percent of african small scale farmers through crowdsourcing means and accurate data.N/A


After a jury evaluation, five teams shown readiness to the next phase: Accelerate – an online challenge-based innovation workshop, co-organized by  IdeaSquare at CERN, where the teams were able to prototype their projects. Find out more about the 5 projects below:


    A project that makes it easy to collect, analyze, and visualize data on women and climate change.

    Donate Water

    A project aimed at providing drinking water all year round for target rural communities in Nigeria faced with challenges of access to clean water.

    Andape Institute

    A project focused on designing an ecological sidewalk from recycled materials (with less cement), using crowdsourcing to help research.

    Climate Gender Justice

    The impact of climate change on women’s and girls’ sexual, and reproductive, health and rights.

    Water Warriors

    An app to help people get through to emergency services and to a hear female voice.


    The two finalist teams, Womer and Donate Water, will have the chance to present their work at the Geneva Trialogue, a one-day event gathering academic, private sector and multilateral stakeholders to discuss knowledge and learning tools, platforms and initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Have a look on their final pitches: