Related Projects

Current European Commission projects on Citizen Science (CS)

These projects are part of the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society (SwafS) programme


Eu-Citizen.Science is an online platform where knowledge, tools, learnings and other resources for CS projects are made publicly available.

CS Track

CS Track is all about broadening our knowledge about CS to maximise the potential value of these activities for individuals and society.


CitieS-Health promotes the inclusion of citizens in health-related research to address health issues that concern them.


CoAct promotes CS to address social concerns such as mental health, youth employment, environmental justice and gender equality.


MICS aims to develop metrics and instruments to evaluate Citizen Science impacts on the environment and society.


InSPIRES fosters bottom-up demand-driven research and innovation projects through the Science Shops approach to better respond to society’s needs.


CSI-COP is a project that aims to investigate GDPR compliance in cookies and apps with the use of CS and crowdsourcing.


The REINFORCE project aims to engage citizens to cooperate with researchers and to contribute to the development of new knowledge for science and society.


The ACTION Project creates tools, methodologies and guidelines to democratise the scientific process and promotes citizen-led CS.

Past European Commission projects on Citizen Science (CS)

Doing It Together Science

Doing It Together Science organised innovative events across Europe focusing on the active involvement of citizens in CS.


The E2mC Project had the objective to analyse social media through crowdsourcing to improve early warning systems.