Gear Cycle 01

GEAR Cycle 1: Urban Water Resilience

During the first GEAR Cycle, participants between the ages of 16 and 26 submitted projects that tackled water-related issues such as droughts, access to clean water and flooding. Here is the list of all the initial pitches we received for the call.  Below the winning teams of the first Crowd4SDG call for projects that went through the GEAR Cycle Methodology:



Ecolution is a project aiming to develop a  monitoring service of the quality of water supply services in Cote d’Ivoire using feedback from consumers on Facebook.


Potamoi wants to optimize the process of cleaning hydrological data to allow the improvement of flood forecasts and to reduce the number of deaths from floods and damaged properties. 

Thousand Waters

The Thousand Waters project aims to secure drinking water for vulnerable communities or people invisibilized by public policies through a simple, creative, and effective solution.

To See To Care

The project aims at raising awareness of climate change and encouraging more climate actions. In the initial stage, it is targeting those already aware of climate issues with the ultimate objective of influencing the general public.

Well Yes!

The objective of Well Yes! is to further the principles of United Nations’ SDG 6, by setting up a model for monitoring groundwater quality, to empower users, allow for potential policy change and better water infrastructure.