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Welcome to the training materials created by the Crowd4SDG consortium! We would be delighted for you to use these materials for your own purpose, either as is or modified. If you have any questions or are looking for opportunities to collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact us through the form on contact tab. Are you looking to organize a series of workshops or hackathon for motivated teams wanting to make a difference through the power of the crowd, or potentially a design process to follow on a university course on citizen science? Have a look at the handbook for how to organize a hackathon or workshop for citizen science teams with the goal of getting from idea to implementable solution. This handbook outlines the steps to take and different sessions, and provides tips for the organizers. It can be used merely as inspiration, or as a complete guide.

Training videos

Tools explained



Crowd4SDG project introduction by François Grey from University of Geneva

Goodwall Video – Challenges explained

Through the Open Seventeen Challenge, Crowd4SDG is launching in August 2021 its second call for projects powered by the crowd aiming to tackle climate and gender issues. To make your project as concrete and impactful as possible, we’ve asked a range of experts from agencies of the UN as well as National Statistical Offices to provide us with specific challenges that address the issues of climate change and gender equality, for which crowdsourced data would be particularly valuable. We would like for projects to address one of the challenges below. In this video, Francois Grey from University of Geneva who coordinates Crowd4SDG, talks to Elena Proden from UNITAR about the challenges.

  • Measuring the differentiated impacts of disasters on women and men.
  • Assessing women’s vulnerability to climate change effects on natural resources.
  • Improving data on women’s participation in environmental management.
  • Measuring the health of ecosystems in a systemic way with women’s contribution.
  • Open challenge on crowdsourcing for climate change resilience and gender equality.

SDG in Progress and Slack tools


Tools tutorial – how to use CS Project Builder and Logger

This tutorial shows you how to use the CS Project Builder and Logger tools , aimed for those participating on the #Open17GenderClimate Challenge. For more information:


Crowd4SDG VisualCit by Barbara Pernici from Politecnico di Milano


Crowd4SDG Decidim 4CS by Oguz Mulayim & Jesus Cerquides from Artificial Intelligence Institute